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Artist Statement as a Visual and Multidisciplinary Artist

Rosalinda Gonzalez is a visual and multidisciplinary artist. She is best known for paintings, videos, and photographs that depict queer femme experiences informed by trauma. Her work can be colorful and neo-expressionistic, monochromatic and abstract in the Zen tradition, or take on a minimalist approach depending on the series.

She draws inspiration from drag, astrology, and Fluxus when creating new media works or performing live. At large her multidisciplinary work is connected to Dada, queer, and Carl Jung’s (the father of analytical psychology) ideas. Visually her work often depicts self-portraits, figures, archetypes, and silhouettes.

Artist-Activist Statement

As an artist-activist she is more known for organizing in local communities, putting on exhibitions, and other special events that support underrepresented groups in an artistic setting. Around 45 exhibitions and events in Houston, Texas, New York, New York, San Francisco, California, and Montpellier, Vermont, have been organized, curated, marketed, and produced by her. The majority of the events highlighted border concerns, BIPOC communities, and avant-garde works.

She has most recently served as a volunteer on the Jung Center’s Committee for Belonging and Art Selection Committee. She is currently exploring and collaborating with the Jung Center on how to bring more BIPOC instructors, artists, and art programs that support diversity and inclusivity to the Houston Texas Museum District.

Artist Background

Rosalinda Gonzalez is a visual contemporary artist born in Germany. She is a multidisciplinary visual artist and activist residing in Houston. She grew up in a military family with strong ties to Houston. She is a leader and likes to work within the BIPOC, Chicano (Mexican American) and Latinx communities.

She studied business at The University of Houston and art under Luis Jiménez there. Her educational experience as a graduate of the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture and the Rhode Island Institute of Design lends her thought leadership and an avant-garde perspective. Since 2009, she has spent a lot of time living and working in New York City.

She launched Rosalinda’s Enterprise’s corporate headquarters in Houston after returning there in 2019. She established an LLC and fine art studio to combine her expertise as a fine artist and community builder.

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